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Host Companies


At INTERNSPLUS we do all the work for you, once we receive your request with a job description and profile of the candidate you are looking for, we use our expertise to find the right person for you. The majority of our Interns are graduates on European Projects such as Leonardo da Vinci and ERASMUS programmes. This means they have a grant which covers all the expenses for their stay in Ireland, therefore there is no financial obligation on your part. Many of our Interns speak two or three languages and have a high level of English. They are available from 4 weeks – 6 months.

Obligations of the Host Company

  • Provide a structured work placement/internship with normal working hours.
  • Adhere to Health and Safety Standards.
  • Treat the Intern the same as your employees.
  • Complete the paperwork at the end of the placement.

It is as simple as that!

An Intern can be of enormous benefit to your company they can bring more up to date knowledge, creative problem solving as well as a useful extra pair of hands.

Contact us today at with your requirements. We are happy to answer any of your questions. Our service is completely free of charge to Employers.