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Host Companies


At INTERNSPLUS we do all the work for you, once we receive your request with an intern role description and profile of the candidate you are looking for, we use our expertise to find that right person for you, we do not charge you any fee for our services. The majority of our Interns receive a grant from the EU under ERASMUSPLUS programme. This grant covers all their expenses for their stay in Ireland, therefore there is no financial obligation on your part. Many of our Interns speak two or three languages and have a high level of English. They are available from 4 weeks – 6 months.

There are many different types of interns,

  • Apprentices in companies, so already have real life working experience therefore will require little training and can ‘hit the ground’ from day 1, they need to do an internship as part of their apprenticeship so this can be a ‘win/win’ for both the intern and the Irish host company.
  • Others are graduates in their final year who have to complete a compulsory internship as part of their final degree.
  • Vocational students excited to gain their first work experience and attend English classes in Dublin at the same time.
  • Remote internships for global university students, recent graduate or professionals.

So far in 2020, we’ve observed how Covid-19 has made us reconsider, re-review, and rewrite the rules of the workplace to incorporate changes in how, when and where we work. Coronavirus has accelerated the implementation of remote work by force and it has become a global experiment that will prove to withstand itself moving forward. Employers and employees will see that remote working is not a privilege but a necessity, with a competitive advantage, much more cost-effective and less time consuming. Participating in, or offering remote internships is beneficial and rewarding for both the participant and the host company.

Advantages of hosting a remote internship

  • Virtual hiring, we will match the best suitable candidate to your internship role at no cost at all to your company.
  • Diverse work culture.
  • Access to top talent and skills from global locations.
  • Innovation and increased creativity from enthusiastic qualified young people.

Obligations of the Host Company

  • Provide a structured work placement/internship with normal working hours.
  • Adhere to Health and Safety Standards.
  • Take into account when designing the interns tasks, their previous work experience and/or academic studies.
  • Be available to mentor the intern and check their progress regularly.
  • Treat the Intern the same as your employees.
  • Complete any paperwork that maybe required at the end of the placement (sometimes this is not necessary as we do most of the work for you).

N.B. an intern should never replace an employee or fill a job vacancy.

What to Expect

Your intern will be enthusiastic and will probably ask a lot of questions, so set aside some time to be available for them or nominate one specific person in your company who can mentor them and offer guidance where needed.

INTERNSPLUS will offer you continuous communication and support throughout the internship period and can always be contacted if there are any issues, which are rare.

Hosting an intern in your workplace can be hugely rewarding for both the Host Company and the intern, they can bring new ideas, enthusiasm, language skills and are familiar with the most up to date technology. Interns can provide your company/business with additional support and assistance to existing staff while at the same time allowing the intern to gain valuable professional experience.

Join the hundreds of Dublin companies who hosted an intern in the past and found it a rewarding experience, contact us today @ 

We are a Business All Stars accredited company 2019 and nominated Business All Stars company 2020.