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At Internsplus we have the experience to arrange a quality internship/work experience which will enable you to gain valuable experience in a professional working environment. Our staff have years of experience and are trained to match your skill set, competencies, objectives, plus take into account your preferences and arrange a placement in a company related to your academic/apprentice background. Our work placements vary between public and private companies, small, medium or large, international or national.

We are located in Dublin, which is one the most exciting capitals in Europe, providing a dynamic and friendly culture. Ireland is a country where English is the first language so it is the ideal location to carry out your Internship as it will give you the opportunity to work/train in an English speaking environment and at the same time perfect your professional English. For more information about Dublin please visit Dublin.

In today’s highly competitive job market, it has never been more necessary to have practical experience, employers prefer a candidate that has practical work experience as well as academic qualifications. An internship can make that difference and make you stand out from the crowd, an internship can be arranged short term 3-4 weeks or long term 5-12 weeks.

These are some of the services Internsplus can provide:

  • Sector specific internships
  • Host family accommodation or self-catering options
  • English language courses
  • Transfers from/to airport
  • Social & Cultural Orientation can be included in the programme
  • Support & monitoring throughout your internship. EUROPASS & Internship Certificates at the end of the programme
  • Welcome Meeting/Final Meeting
  • 24 hour emergency support/ Open door policy no appointment required

We accept individuals and groups and have years’ experience hosting participants on European funded programmes such as, ErasmusPlus, VET and regionally funded programmes such as PON (Italy) and LE FOREM (Belgium). We are more than happy to customise a programme to suit your requirements – just contact us with your enquiry @

What’s being happening at Internsplus

Internsplus now offer remote internships! As more and more global businesses now provide the ability to work remotely, this working environment looks to be the new future trend. With our remote internships participants can make valuable network connections together with a professional experience, improve their English language skills and resume, work independently, improve communication and time-management skills, all without the cost associated with travel (no airfares, no accommodation). Interested or would like further information, please contact @

Student Testimonial’s

I am doing well at my host company and am enjoying my time there very much. They have given me many opportunities to be involved with the magazine and with their website, and I have eagerly fulfilled each one. I have also written online articles for them which have been published! It has been, and I foresee that it will continue to be, a wonderful experience.


Student Testimonial’s

My internship finished yesterday, it has been an incredible experience. I’ve learnt a lot, not just English but also in children education and caring area.

I have felt welcome and loved by all the staff who work there all the time. They create a very positive and friendly atmosphere and the work they do is excellent. I could not have asked for more.

Thanks to you for making this experience possible.


Student Testimonial’s

Internsplus helped me find a 3 month internship, now I’ve been working in the same company for over two years after been promoted and I hope to stay much longer! 🙂

Jean Jose Garcia

Student Testimonial’s

My time here is nearly over and I have to say that it was a great experience. The work in my company was very nice. Only sometimes a little bit boring but in most time it was good. I’ve learned a lot and the guys in the company are very nice too. Also my host family where I live is nice. They are all kind nobody is rude or mean, I’ve spend a good time with them. So all in all  I can say that Internsplus find a good work experience and a good family for me and make the time in Ireland a very nice experience. Thank you for this, all the best.


Student Testimonial’s

The software company is a great place. The people here are most helpful, patient and they teach me a whole lot. So all in all I’ am learning so much! I learn many things about programming and databases, I’ am having a great time, I go to know exceptional qualified people and I do learn a whole lot of things here. I would definitely do this again if I ever get the chance!


Student Testimonial’s

Time flies.. especially when you love the city where you live in and the experience you are doing!!! Working for my organisation is simply great.  I enjoyed the atmosphere, my colleagues and the job itself. I am part of the “Education & Training” programme which provides educational events, training, workshops and programmes on environmental, sustainability and related issues. I have learnt how to plan, develop and deliver environmental education activities and link them to a variety of curriculum subjects. All of these activities represent an ideal space for collaboration between ENGO’s, government, children, young people, adults and green business. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with lots of people. I must really thank you for given me this amazing chance!

Chiara Bonel

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