Host Company

Whether you are a business looking to diversify your seasonal staffing, have a project that you need an extra pair of hands for or an organization looking to develop your international talent pool with an overseas Intern, INTERNSPLUS offers the experience and support you need to host an intern.

We carefully match your companies requirements with an interns training or apprenticeship/university requirements to facilitate a meaningful and valuable experience for both parties.

We take care of all the necessary documentation for the program, arrange the interns accommodation in Dublin and source highly skilled and qualified interns or trainees at no recruitment cost to you. We fully support the intern throughout their time in Dublin and can be contacted by you at any time in case of any issues or questions.

Your responsibility is to allow the trainee to obtain knowledge and competencies in a structured environment, provide normal working hours and adhere to standard Health & Safety requirements. In return enjoy flexible and enthusiastic international interns who are fluent in English as well as another language. Interns can assist your staff with relatively short term commitments 3 weeks – 3 months. Gain fresh energy and knowledge from abroad at no cost to your company. Interns are generally between 18 – 30, either full time vocational or university students or are apprentices in their home countries and need to do an internship/training as part of their apprenticeship or degree. They are fully funded under ERASMUSPLUS which is an EU programme for young people, they receive a grant which fully covers their air fare and accommodation during their training.

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