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Who can apply for this programme?

Typically our participants are University students, recent graduates or unemployed. They may have received a grant to have a internship abroad from the European Union under the Erasmus programme. They should have a reasonable amount of English and be able to demonstrate a flexibility and “can do attitude“. If you do not have a grant you can still apply for this programme. Please note internships are generally unpaid although some companies may offer pocket money or perks others do not.

It is important for any participant to be realistic in their expectations. There is no point in expecting to be accepted by any company at Management level even if you have a Degree in Business Management. The reality is that you probably have no practical experience or may have never worked before, you should therefore accept that any company that agrees to host you will be taking you in at Junior or Trainee level. Some of the tasks that you are assigned maybe mundane and boring, this is a fact of life. Most professionals will tell you that during their normal working day they have to carry out routine tasks that may not be very exciting but this is part of everyday working life. Placements are usually from 4 weeks – 6 months and can also have a English language course included prior to placement this is optional, and entirely dependent on participants language level.

The benefits of carrying out an Internship in another European country are enormous, you will experience a different culture and way of life, improve your professional English speaking skills, learn new ways of working and gain important knowledge in your chosen profession. An Internship is a bridge between your Academic past and your professional future, it will enhance your cv and make you more employable in the future, it is also an opportunity for you to make valuable contacts which can be useful to you in the future. We offer placements in a wide range of sectors.

  • Information technology
  • Business Administration
  • Finance
  • Health/Beauty/Hairdressing
  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Engineering
  • Tourism

These are just a sample other sectors are also available.

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