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Founded in 2011 INTERNSPLUS are one of Irelands leading work experience and educational providers, specialising in European funded programmes such as ERASMUSPLUS. We provide language courses, work placements and cultural programmes to European students. We have a network of sending partners all across Europe and work with national, regional governments, universities, colleges and agents as a service provider of internships, accommodation, transport, English language courses and cultural programmes. Our staff have years of experience in European project management and have a well deserved reputation as a quality provider in the area of work placements.

Located in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland we have access to a wide selection of host companies across a broad range of sectors. At the end of the work placements student’s feedback has been consistently positive and enthusiastic, companies also tell us how important trainees have been to their success, how they have contributed to their operations and been helpful to their staff. We also have a valuable network of hosts that provide friendly, warm budget accommodation to visiting students

Learn Development Career training
Learn Development Career training

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You can contact us as follows:

 +353 14 151 294